Paulie is well known around Australia for his work with The Detonators. A band he formed over 12 years ago, that has covered every corner of this wide brown land.

Forming, touring, running, recording and playing in bands since his early teens, he has never let up. His drive and determination getting him through the ups and downs of life, and the ups and downs of the music biz.

He is one hard workin’ guitarist. As with all artists who stand out from pack, he has developed a unique sound and style. His sound, a driving rhythmic guitar, that twangs, yet hypnotizes, screams but seduces.

He sings from where it hurts, the heart – life, love, loss, leaving, yet providing the solution in dancin’ and drinking.

His style is an amalgam, of traditional Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Rockabilly and Country, all from way back when – churned through his musical mix master and presenting as his own style – the Country with a Blues tinge, the Blues with a Country tinge, and all with his raw energetic attitude. Hollering, barking and moaning, stompin’ his feet and yelling at the mic like there’s no tomorrow. Bangin’ on his guitar, buzzin’ around and twisting notes that sting you.

Determined that his premier solo release had to hit hard, he packed his bag and headed to the USA to team up with one of his long time musical peers, Preston Hubbard, (ex The Fabulous Thunderbirds) – a bass man of proportion and distinctions. Utilizing Preston’s drummer, engineer and favorite studio, the tracks were laid down in two days in St Louis. Back to Melbourne for mixing and mastering thus Red Eye Flight is an apt title.

The album is like an old jukebox in your favorite bar, familiar, uplifting and rollicking.
Some great unknowns (originals) and some old favorites. Come on and dance, indeed!

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Thurs 5th September

Ezra LeeTrio with guest Paulie Bignell
Classic Southside Blues Session,
9 Gordon Street, Elsternwick 8-10pm $10
Classic Southside

Fri 6th September

The Lomond Hotel,
225 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick 9.30pm-12
Lomond Hotel

Thurs 19th September

Dogs Bar
54 Acland St, St Kilda 8.30pm Dogs Bar

Sat 21st September

Union Hotel,
109 Union St, Brunswick 5-7pm Union Hotel

Fri 27th September

Upwey Belgrave RSL,
1 Mast Gully Road, Upwey 8.30-11.30pm Upwey Rsl

Thurs 10th October

Dogs Bar,
54 Acland St, St Kilda 8.30pm Dogs Bar