With the live music scene gone for now, and the current social distancing laws, PB is in isolation. Alone and locked in Hailstone Studio, Paulie has been recording (and gardening) and put together what he is calling the ‘Iso Sessions’. Some brand new songs, assembled during lockdown 2020. Whatever falls out, no rules. Available now for download track by track, as they come.

If you have some small change to buy/donate, it would be most appreciated.

Nazareth cover – “LITTLE PART OF YOU”

‘ALL DAY’- a groovy shuffle written and performed by Paulie Bignell at Hailstone Studio during the Iso’ Sessions 2020.

‘YOU GOT ME GOING’- by Gilbert O’Sullivan was recorded for some of my Mexican DJ friends and I recorded two versions. This is the version they knocked back. So here you go, version 1, the version Taree likes! Available for instant download for only $2 on the button below.

Paulie Bignell’s Sad But True began life one grey Saturday afternoon as an all tension and no release guitar – drenched instrumental. Think of The Ventures and Link Wray hooking up for clandestine, late night sessions at Hailstone. Sad But True – Blues from the lockdown and borne out of isolation. Listen up people.Available for instant download for only $2 on the button below.

Track two from the Paulie Bignell Iso’ Sessions…’LONELY’. A rockin’ shuffle for groovers with hints of boogie and funk and some stinging slide guitar. Mastered by Robert B Dillon, thanks RBD! Available for instant download for only $2 on the button below.

Here’s the first track with a late night/early morning clip PB assembled.
Get It Right…Paulie Bignell, from the ‘Iso’ Sessions’.
Let’s hope they do!Available for instant $2 download on the button below

From the upcoming Paulie Bignell & The Thornbury Two Album coming soon. Buy digital single ‘Happy Town’ now for only $2 on the button below.

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