Lost & Dangerous












Digital Download available from here https://pauliebignell.bandcamp.com/album/lost-and-dangerous-2

Lost and Dangerous.
On a steamy dark night in the pouring down rain. I’m lost, I’m dangerous, I’m going insane!

Track list
01 Drive It Home
02 Gonna Bring You Down
03 You Cant Drink All Day (if you don’t start in the morning)
04 Ride It Like I Stole It
05 I Don’t Mind Anymore
06 GPS
07 Do It Again
08 Come Down Hard
09 Howlin’ For My Darlin’
10 One, One Way Ticket
11 Life In The Past Lane
12 Hurts Me Too
13 Pippa Is A Ripper
14 Walk A Mile In My Shoes

When it came to naming this album, the title wasn’t sticking out. We could have used a title track but I wanted to be sure it was doing justice to the rest of the songs and the album. I wanted to describe the vibe of the album and the ride we take you, the listener on. A ride it is…
Lost and Dangerous is a collection of 14 tracks where we shift you through the gears for the twists and turns and bumps and berms. Rock’n’Roll’n’Blues from the suburbs!